Bubblegum Ice Cream

[Exercise: Tell me everything you know about ice cream.]

Ice cream makes you fat. Well, if you eat too much that is. I don’t want to get fat. I’m paranoid about looking good. It’s an ugly reality, but it’s true. I like to look good for others, but mostly for myself. (Yes, I AM AWARE of my narcissism.)

What would happen if I didn’t look good? The first thing I’d do is eat too much ice cream and get fat. I’d eat all the vanilla, the chocolate, and strawberry I could get my hands on. Many go for the fancy flavors, but not me. I like to keep it simple.

My favorite as a child was bubblegum ice cream, the color of Pepto-Bismol. I’d place the gumballs into my mouth, suck off all the color, then spit them out into my napkin. Once the ice cream was gone, I’d place all the little balls into my mouth at once, and chew.