When I die I will miss spending my days with Jeffery, my sweetheart. I will miss going on adventures with him, sleeping with him, hanging out with him. I will miss watching movies together, going on walks, eating, working, playing, laughing, and having fun together. I will miss the feel of his skin, his smell, his touch, his presence. I will miss watching him grow and being with him as he goes through life’s challenges. I will miss kissing, loving, and adoring him.

My mother, father, and family love me, but Jeffrey’s love is different. He reveals God to me. He helps me grow in awareness. He’s my foundation, my anchor. His love is not jealous and doesn’t seek to possess or control. He knows the difference between his “lower self,” rooted in ego, verses the part of him that comes from a more pure form of love. He is human and has human struggles, but he knows how to self-reflect and to adjust his behavior accordingly.

Those are a few of the things I’ll miss the most when I die. You?