Freedom at 17

[Exercise: What did you know in your heart one day in July 1990?]

One day in July 1990 I learned the taste of freedom afforded by adulthood. I still felt and acted like a child, but as a high school graduate, I was gifted with the responsibility of taking care of myself and making my own decisions. I put my freedom to test right away, and on a flight to France that my parents gifted me for graduation, I seduced the flight attendant. I flirted heavily, and while others slept, we had intimate conversations that led to kissing. I met up with him later that day for a stroll in the park, followed by the typical Parisian snack (for Americans, anyway) of wine, cheese, and bread. I declined his invitation to continue our adventure in his hotel room. He was disappointed, but fortunately, he let me go without much aggravation. I suppose he sensed my naivete. Maybe he had the wisdom to not push a 17-year-old beyond her level of comfort and understanding.