Skunks, Tattoos, and Sociopaths

[Exercise: Pick five subjects that interest you and begin to write about them.]

Sweet-smelling skunk

My favorite scratch-n-sniff sticker as a kid was the skunk. When I pass one on the road, my whole body relaxes as I take in the smell. I’ve seen similar reactions in people when they smell roses in a garden. People who say that skunks stink lie! Not really, but I do find it curious that I enjoy a smell that is considered to be stinky by most people’s standards. Then again, someone enjoyed it enough to put it on a sticker.

NBA-player tattoos

I often fantasize about creating a documentary for NBA stars to share the stories behind their tattoos. I’d love to produce this.

My other lives

In my other life I am . . . a musician with the creativity and independence of Neil Young, the passion of Sting, the voice of Omara Portuondo . . . an actor with the hotness of Ryan Gosling, the brilliant mind of Clint Eastwood, intensity of Leonardo DiCaprio, versatility of Nicole Kidman, down-to-earthness of Julianne Moore, sexiness of Kristin Scott Thomas . . . a good-looking black man with two girlfriends who don’t know about each other . . . a Russian painter learning the perfection of craft . . . a Russian ballet dancer who embodies grace and discipline . . . a lesbian with a super-cool partner like Ellen DeGeneres . . . a cat, but definitely not a dog because then I’d feel too much pressure to be in a good mood all the time.

What lurks below

People hide things. They lie. Cheat. Steal. Have prejudices. Speak in a politically-correct ways even when they’re really thinking, “That mother-fucking, cock-sucking, God-damned, bleep, bleep (insert non-PC adjectives).” Wouldn’t you love to hear the unfiltered version of what’s going through people’s minds? At least then we’d know the truth—about ourselves, and one another.


If you haven’t read The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout, you should. There are more sociopaths in the US than any other part of the world, and there’s no known cause, or cure. The true indication of a sociopath (a.k.a., psychopath) is someone who lacks a conscience. The person may pretend to feel guilt or remorse at the appropriate times, but they don’t actually feel anything. One in every 25 people in the US is a psychopath and the best way to deal with one is to remove yourself completely from their presence, if possible. Some people think psychopaths are most likely found in jail, or that they are the killers and criminals of society, but they’re actually more likely to be mothers, teachers, doctors, nurses, CEOs. They assume positions in society where they can exert power over vulnerable beings, and they’re masters at getting people to feel sorry for them so their true motives can remain hidden. If you think you or a loved one is entangled with a sociopath, ask them to read this book so they can understand what they’re dealing with. I’ve already handed out several copies.