I am thinking of the fact that I am writing this memoir, using the method taught by Natalie Goldberg. I am so grateful for her writing style, her mind, her creativity. I am also grateful for the time we live in where such a book could be written and published; where her voice can be heard; where her book can reach my hands; where I can order other great books by simply searching on Amazon and clicking a button. The next day, a man in a brown truck and uniform drops the book off at my door, rings my doorbell, and briskly walks back to his truck and drives off to deliver more items. I think this is truly amazing. I love my books. I love the Internet – well, some aspects of the Internet, not all. I’m also thinking that Jeffrey will be home soon from the Men’s Brotherhood breakfast. I wonder what the men thought and said when Jeffrey told them he wasn’t eating this morning because he was fasting. It must be hard for people who love to eat good food to understand the concept of fasting. They’ll probably write it off as some crazy thing Jeff picked up on the “Left Coast.” I’m glad we’re strong enough to do what we feel is right for us even though we don’t always fit in. We have to become more comfortable with not fitting in.

I’m also thinking about the hike we’re going to take today. I’m a little worried about going without eating. It will probably be fine, but I don’t want to be far from the car without access to food. Most of my fear is probably psychological. I’m sure it will be okay. I do have occasional thoughts about drinking coffee though. I love coffee in the morning. I love the ritual of it. I love the smell and the warmth of the liquid going down my throat. I love taking time to drink my coffee slowly. The smell and taste remind me of whatever region it comes from. This last batch I bought was fair trade coffee from Brazil. It has hints of vanilla and honey. It’s so nice. Yum! Now I want some. Just keep sipping my water! I should probably cut up some apples for our hike. Water and apples all day. Can I do this? Sure I can, but do I want to? It’s good for the body to detox every now and then.

I’m wondering if Jeffrey is on his way home yet. I’m ready for him to come home. I love our interactions. Life is definitely great with him in it. We have a good time together and we support and love each other a lot!